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Slow down plea after close call

Locals fear for their safety as dangerous driving in the shared zone on Raymond Street, Sale escalates, leaving many calling for action.

Rhonda Beam and her carer Jill Wood were crossing the road in the shared zone on Raymond Street outside the Commonwealth Bank on Wednesday, June 15, when a man in a dark-coloured BMW, travelling well above the 10-kilometre speed limit, almost didn't stop.

Legally blind and reliant on a walker for mobility, Ms Beam began to cross the road behind Cr Wood, no more than a foot length away from one another.

"We were crossing the road from Commonwealth Bank, and Jill had started walking ahead a little bit and was saying for me to come," Ms Beam explained.

"So I started to cross the road when Jill noticed the man driving a black BMW wasn't going to stop."

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