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Week Two

In the second week of the semester, tutorials covered stereotypes, context and its importance, personal communication lenses and the expectations of the unit.

Minute Paper Week 2
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Week Three

Week three tutorials saw students discuss the media landscape of their future profession, in my case journalism. The exercise was thought-provoking and allowed students to see from an angle not previously thought of before. Once we discussed in our groups, Shara directed the conversation to a whole class discussion. It was here we learnt how all aspects of communications and media fits in and works together.

Minute Paper Week 3
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Week Six

Week six taught us the importance of networking and creating meaningful connections. We watched a video that presented useful techniques on how to create a successful and informational elevator pitch. During this tutorial we also discussed how to get the most out of internships and the opportunities that could eventuate from the experience.

Minute Paper Week 6
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Week Ten

As the semesters end quickly approached, it was the journalism students turn to pitch their profession. My partner Matilda and I were the last group to present. This tutorial was eye opening. It highlighted how many opportunities there are as a journalist today, despite the fast-changing landscape of the profession. I particularly enjoyed hearing about what drove my peers towards journalism and their future career aspirations.

Minute Paper Week 10
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Week Eleven

In the last tutorial I attended for the semester the marketing communication students pitched their professions to the class. I found their presentations to be informative and engaging. Once the presentations were completed Shara discussed the art of reflection. This was an interesting component of the unit. I had never considered reflection to be an improtant and/or useful professional characteristic.

Minute Paper 11
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Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this unit. The tutorials encouraged me to think about my future career and provided me with valuable skills to succeed in a professional environment. The unit allowed me to work individually and as part of a team. Most importantly, Professional Orientation has reinforced my strengths and weaknesses through extensive assignment feedback which will be referenced throughout my studies.

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