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Like most university students my future plan changed. A lot. When I began my Bachelor’s Degree in 2019, majoring in journalism, I aspired to be a TV or radio journalist. However, as I progressed through my studies this goal morphed into something else, then something else, to something else. It wasn’t until this year that I finally established a set focus. I aim to work as a communications officer at The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The focus on this career path is derived from my passion for international relations, different cultures and love for travel. Next semester I start a Breadth Major in Politics and International Relations. It will refine my skill set and make me a better candidate for a position at The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

I expect to finish by the end of next year and before then I plan to learn as much as I can, focus on areas of my education that need improvement highlighted in assignment feedback, perform at the best of my abilities and graduate with a respectable GPA.

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