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Throughout the semester, students in course 10335, more commonly known as Professional Orientation, navigated through the expectations, roles, responsibilities and skills required in their chosen profession.

In week five, students engaged in an employability skill self-assessment created by Literacies for Life at Curtin University, Australia. Literacies for Life was designed to help individuals make educated career choices that align with one’s characteristics, goals, values and skill set.

The employability skill self-assessment evaluates all six literacies for life components: basic literacy, rhetorical literacy, personal and critical literacy, emotional literacy, occupational literacy and ethical, cultural and social literacy.

I believe my ability to interact with people is one of my highest qualities as a future employee. This belief is evident through my assessment results displayed below. The ability to confidently communicate with an array of people is a necessary skill to entertain within the profession of journalism.

Due to my age, I have grown with technology. This has advantaged me as I can quickly learn new technologies. Combining this advantage with previous and current education, it is undoubtedly one of my highest self-assessed characteristics.

Rhetorical literacy was a lower-scored component of my self-assessment. I feel confident in my ability to speak and write, as proven throughout high school, where writing and communication were always my most vital assets. However, decision-making has always been a weakness throughout my education and my personal life.

The component of personal and critical literacy was tied as the second-highest scoring section of the completed self-assessment. As mentioned, the act of decision-making has never been a strength of mine. Despite this, I have a strong commitment to the career I wish to pursue with little willingness to change. This can be seen as a detrimental characteristic; however, I believe I can reach my desired career outcome. I am already putting my theoretical knowledge into practice and consistently pursuing to learn more through my studies and work.

My personality from a young age has always been outgoing, bubbly and social. I enjoy people and communicative interactions. This personal characteristic rationalises my emotional literacy score, ranking the second highest in the assessment.

Previously I mentioned my determination to reach a specific career goal and my hesitance to consider anything else. For a woman of 23, I have already gained an array of occupational experiences such as hospitality, Australian Defence Force, childcare and education. This early exposure to numerous career options is why I am so determined to reach my set goal, resulting in a lower score in this component.

The final component of the Literacies for Life self-assessment, ethical, cultural and social literacy, was my highest scoring element. I believe this result is due to a combination of my life experience and personality. Growing up I moved regularly nationally and internationally, meeting a wide variety of people from different countries, religions and backgrounds.

Below is my Literacies for Life self-assessment, demonstrating my self-confidence in each component. The closer the shaded area to the edge of the web, the higher I assessed myself in that component.


Employability Skill Assessment Report
Download PD • 2.76MB

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