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Throughout the semester I was encouraged to create a digital network by utilising social media and following contributors, influencers, businesses and departments within my desired career field. Over the past twelve weeks I have followed numerous accounts and subscribed to a number of online news sites.


NEWS.COM.AU provides regular news updates on national and international stories with supporting links to full articles.


ASIO releases a variety of content such as urgent international security updates, department achievements and historic memories relating to international security and espionage.


As I aspire for a career with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, it seemed only right that I follow them on social media. This has and will continue to help me gauge an idea of their values, follow their achievements and understand their expectations as a employer.


Al Jazeera is an international Arabic news channel that uses Twitter to release regular breaking news stories and updates on events happening in the Middle East. This account is one of my favourites.


ABC News on Twitter provides the latest news updates straight from the Australian Broadcasting Corp.


Nine news Australia provides the latest news updates from Nine Network.


The CNN breaking news twitter account releases breaking news updates directly from CNN Digital.


Kerry-Anne Walsh

Following the Communications Café, I reached out and connected with Kerry-Anne on LinkedIn. Kerry-Anne is an incredibly accomplished journalist, she inspires me to work hard in order to reach my full potential.

Peter Davidson

Peter was another guest at the Communications Café that I connected with on LinkedIn after the event.

Tom Logan

Tom was the final speaker from the Communications Café that I connected with on LinkedIn.

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