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Bolt Bar Marketing Plan

The Bolt Bar is a small business in the heart of Aranda, ACT that supplies local wine, tap beer, food and urban farm goods. Owner Chris Dennis opened The Bolt Bar in September 2015 after relocating his popular coffee shop and roastery from Canberra’s CBD to the old Aranda Shops.

The Bolt Bar employs a small team including two full time chefs and eight casual floor staff members. The Bolt Bar prides itself in supplying customers with great meals made with local fresh produce and upholding positive sustainability philosophies.

Since operating for five years, The Bolt Bar has endured a number of uncontrollable variables from weather to crime to COVID-19 restrictions. However, The Bolt Bar has overcome all adversities and has continued to make profit and increase profits weekly.

The introduction of local fresh produce and alcohol alongside the intention to maintain a sustainable business has fostered The Bolt Bars business plans to expand further. The Bolt Bar has now planned to maintain their close relationship with Aranda Urban Farm and assist them in expanding their farming area to a large plot in Murrumbateman. The utilisation of Aranda Urban Farm Goods, local beer and wine and rural Australian produce, the use of biodegradable napkins, biodegradable takeaway containers and energy efficient lightbulbs all contribute to the United Nations sustainability initiative and Australia’s sustainable development goals.

The Bolt Bar’s approach on sustainability is in the broadest possible definition. Our mission is to not only save the planet but care for its people – suppliers, customers and staff – and support the communities that support us.

People are one of the most important aspects in the Bolt Bar’s marketing. Without people, products would not exist, likewise there would be nobody responsible for selling and delivering said products. Due to inseparability and variability factors within the hospitality industry, management identifies their staff as the key to customer satisfaction and overall success.

For full marketing plan see below.

Marketing Plan
Download PDF • 4.88MB

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