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Unfortunately, the second assignment of the semester delivered a disappointing grade. The assessment required another student and I to pitch our profession to our peers. Initially the assessment posed an unexpected challenge. My partner Matilda and I did not share the same major, unlike all the other groups in the tutorial. Two different professions to pitch within the short span of 10 minutes obligated content to be concise. Sadly, our presentation ran over time, clocking in at 11 minutes 30 seconds.

Reflecting on the rubric and the feedback given, there were numerous areas which required improvement.

Firstly, our presentation was not introduced, nor were our identities. This was a clear oversight caused by a lack of attention to detail. Secondly, our PowerPoint slides either lacked referencing or had the incorrect referencing. Misconstrued prior knowledge and carelessness to this component of the presentation resulted in a substantial loss of marks.

Thirdly, I was too dependent on my notes which were penned on an A4 piece of paper despite clear instructions to use palm cards. This could have been avoided by paying further attention to detail.

Overall, my execution of this assessment was poor and there are numerous areas that need improvement. The feedback received will be referenced in future to ensure my work is the best quality it can be and is a clear reflection of my knowledge and skill.


Profession Pitch PowerPoint
Download • 2.31MB
Profession Pitch Speech Notes
Download DOCX • 36KB

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