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Albert, The Greyhound Who Loved to Run

EAST Gippsland award-winning journalist Kylie Miller visited Rosedale Library on Friday, July 8, to launch her new children’s book, Albert, The Greyhound Who Loves to Run.

Ms Miller has been a storyteller since she was just a child, carrying her passion and skill into adulthood, working as a journalist and editor at Australia’s leading media outlets and overseas for more than 20 years.

Shortly after saying sayonara to the big smoke of the city skyline, and hello to the serenity of East Gippsland’s natural rolling landscape, Ms Miller and her husband Brett Miller were, like so many others, devastatingly impacted by the 2019/20 bushfires.

Employing her creative written talents, Ms Miller took-in the destruction around her, and set forth on a new professional journey, co-writing her first children’s picture book, Heroes of Black Summer.

Albert, The Greyhound Who Loves to Run is the newest addition to Kylie Miller’s publications, based on the heart-warming true story of Albert, the adopted greyhound.

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